Upgrade your device

Upgrade your device

Upgrading Your Safety Experience
with Medical Guardian

Are you already using a unit from another provider? Transitioning to Medical Guardian is smoother than you think. Our state-of-the-art devices and exceptional support services are designed to offer you an upgrade in safety, connectivity, and peace of mind.

Here’s How Easy It Is

Enter Your Plan Member ID

Unlock exclusive benefits and a hassle-free transition by entering your existing Plan Member ID.

Select Your Medical Guardian Device

Guided Onboarding and Activation

Our dedicated team will help you through every step of setting up and activating your new device. So you can start enjoying a better safety experience right away.

Seamless Transition

Let your previous PERS provider know that you received a PERS device as a benefit through your health plan coverage. Disconnect and send back your old unit to your previous PERS provider once you have received your new Medical Guardian device.

Why Upgrade?


24/7 Professional Monitoring

Feel secure knowing that professional assistance is just a button press away, any time of the day or night.


Cutting-Edge Fall Detection

Our innovative technology alerts us automatically in the event of a fall, even if you can’t.


User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy easier navigation and accessibility features, designed with you in mind.

Ready for an upgrade in safety and peace of mind?

Make the switch to Medical Guardian today.